Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mrs. Potts Cookies!

My friend Katherine recently returned from a trip to London, where she found these adorable teapot cookie cutters to bring back for me!  So I of course decided to make Mrs. Potts cookies!!

I don't know about you, but when I make sugar cookies, it's always a huge mess:

Yikes!  But they all came out clean:

I used a sugar cookie recipe handwritten by my mom which I found in a cookbook in our dining room. So I don't know where it's from originally!  I looked up a hard icing recipe from which worked out veeeery nicely!!  The almond extract really made it tasty, and the consistency was perfect for spreading on my cookies!  Especially when I didn't have any fancy cookie-decorating tools, and decided to use my offset spatula (that I use for my cupcakes). 

Then I added some color:

Purple and yellow, and some pearl sprinkles to make her fancy!

I didn't know what to do about the faces… I'm so used to using candy bits and sprinkles for cupcake decorating!  I had just purchased a nail art kit from CVS that came with a nail art brush, which is real small and thin, and since I hadn't opened it yet, it was clean enough to use on these!  I dipped it in a drop of food coloring for the eyes and mouth!

Hey little guy!

Here they are on a doily: 

I made some variations, like closed eyes and gold sprinkles on the handle:

I put one of my best Mrs. Potts on 2 of my fancy schmancy tea saucers for a fancy photo!

It was a lot of work, making everything from scratch, but I was so happy with the results, and they tasted delicious!!!