Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Cupcake NY

I plan on having some homemade stuff up next week since it's going to be Halloween and all, but since I haven't posted anything in about a month (last days of a grad class, then I got a week-long cold), I figured I'd at least show you some adorable cupcakes from NYC. I'm sure you've heard of Magnolia Bakery...

There are a few locations in the city, but the one I went to today was the one at Rockefeller Center. It was too busy for me to loll around and take pictures, plus I wouldn't've had any good shots since there were people everywhere. I did take pictures of the goods, however. I got 2 red velvet cupcakes, which I think last year they were calling Rockette cupcakes because of the red outfits they wear during the Christmas Spectacular, but I didn't see that anywhere today or on their website...

It looks like a snowball!

The side of the box cut it a little after I took one out, but it makes for a better picture!

Mmmmmm.... The icing is vanilla--I'm used to cream cheese on my red velvets! It was good anyway, of course. I also brought 2 home for my parents:

These look even better! I especially love the little sugar daisy. It looks like a barrette.

Last time I went to Magnolia (last winter) I noticed their T-shirts but I didn't buy one. I bought one today:
It came wrapped in a brown bow (I also took a business card).

Awww, I do cupcake New York.
Of course the logo is on the back. Well. It's good to know there's also a whole world of cupcake couture out there. Hooray Magnolia!

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