Monday, September 28, 2009

Monsters, Inc. cake pops!

I didn't have enough of these made the other day to put pictures up, but here they are as promised! Ever since my co-worker told me about Bakerella's adorable cake pops, I have been dying to make some myself. I was also imagining how I would decorate them to fit with my Pixar theme (see my previous post for the Pixar cupcakes and costumes :))

The first idea I had was to put mini chocolate chips on a green cake pop and call it Mike Wazowsky. So I bought green, blue, white and chocolate melting wafers at A.C. Moore. The green & blue ones were the perfect shades--it's like they knew I was coming! I made the cake the night before, and the next day I had to crumble up the cake (with my fingers because I don't have a food processor as you might remember from the Oreo crushing incident) to add the icing and form it into balls:

I melted some chocolate wafers in a mug and dipped the lollipop sticks in them to act as a glue when I stuck them into the cake (as Bakerella suggests). I think it made them look pretty professional! Then I kept them in the freezer while I melted some green wafers. I took a few out and positioned them in the styrofoam ring I bought (again, Bakerella's clever recommendation) so they would dry standing up! I spooned the green coating on and added the mini chocolate chips:

You don't know how PLEASED I was when I did this. It came out EXACTLY how I pictured it. That practically never happens! So I went on to make the Sullys:

Those aren't Runts, they're "tangy bananas" from Fuzziwig's (I was hoping banana Runts came in their own separate spot so I could shovel those into my candy bag, but I was getting tired of trying to manipulate the scoop to JUST get the bananas). They're actually smaller than banana Runts and worked a lot better for these pops! (I think these would also work nicely for a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme, which, you know, I just might do next)

I served Mike and Sully like that for my friends, but I had SO MANY left over that I decided to make Boo tonight. I'd had the idea before, but I had NO time to get them together before my friends arrived. So I did it tonight! My idea was: dip some candy corn pieces in chocolate:

then half-dip the pops in white melting wafers (which I thought would be vanilla, but I bought peppermint without realizing it, and then I thought, I should have bought pink or some peachy color since it's supposed to be Boo's face):

then dip the top halves in chocolate and quickly push the candy corn pieces into the sides:
Aaaaah cute! I did the faces with a toothpick dipped in the melted chocolate. Since I put a face on Boo, I decided to try that with Mike and Sully, too:

Well, Sully looks weird. I think I like him better as "conceptual Sully" like in the pictures up top. Anyway I put a bow on Boo since I couldn't think of any other way to make her not look like a ghost with pigtails, or Mickey Mouse:

So here they are together:
and since I had him out, here is Mike with Mike:
and of course here I am with them:
(I always forget to fix my glasses before getting my picture taken! I really have to fix that tilt..)
Anyway. Hope you like these, and you can get the recipe, how-to and tips at, along with about a zillion other adorable recipes and photos!! (and here's some more of mine because I took so many pictures I just want to share them all)

Boo and her monster:
"Conceptual" version:
The gang's all here:

A Mickey "Vinylmation" figure I got a few weeks ago at the 5th Ave Disney Store that reminded me of what I just did:


  1. These are soo cute! I love the boo ones there my favorite.