Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pixar movie cupcakes

I am a big fan of themes, as any of my friends can tell you. I just had a few friends over to celebrate the Disney/Pixar movies. FUN! I baked cupcakes the night before. Then I sat down and decorated.

I'd had the decorations in mind for a while. It started when I went to the Lego store and picked out a bunch of loose pieces in the back (like a candy store). I got tires, fences, seaweed, ivy leaves, flowers, trees, clocks, and bricks with eyes. Then I went to a candy store called Fuzziwig's to get all the random edible pieces I'd need, like gummy clown fish (perfect!), gummy army men, gummy butterflies, "tangy bananas" (smaller versions of banana Runts), etc.

I put a gummy fish on one cupcake with a Lego seaweed piece behind it, and sprinkled on some candy pieces to make a "Finding Nemo" cupcake:

The candy pieces are supposed to look like fishbowl gravel or rocks on the sea floor. If I'd had more time I would have dyed the icing blue! I didn't even have blue sprinkles! The "Toy Story" army man cupcake was pretty easy--just green sprinkles and a gummy army man. Fortunately they have some that are in the crawling-on-the-ground pose, which made it look pretty cute (if battle-ready figures can be cute):

The one I did from "A Bug's Life" is the same, just a different gummy. I've never seen gummy butterflies. I didn't know gummies could be so versatile! Then I took the Lego tires and a fence and put a blue melting wafer on top of the wheels to be a car (obviously from "Cars"), which I thought turned out so cute!

I also got a bag of yellow & white plastic robot figurines on clearance at the Disney Store to use for "Wall-E" cupcakes:

If you want to make these for little kiddles, make sure not to use Legos. My friends and I are all old enough now to recognize plastic from candy (I hope)--otherwise it's a choking hazard!

Here I am cooking ratatouille in my Jessie hat (Julia Child's recipe! How exciting!) to honor the movie "Ratatouille." I also offered themed drinks like Salty Dog (grapefruit juice & vodka with pineapple juice and salt on the rim) to reference Doug from "Up," Frozone Margarita (a blue frozen margarita rimmed with lime juice and salt) of course for Frozone from "The Incredibles," (and here's a picture of me with him from last April),

Wormy Appletini (evidently I spent a lot of time thinking about this one) which is just an appletini with a sour gummy worm inside to celebrate "A Bug's Life," and Blue Lagoon (vodka, blue curacao and lemonade, with a Swedish fish on the bottom, of course) for "Finding Nemo."

Harvey Wall-E Bangers and Sidecars were also considerations but the ones I did serve had similar ingredients and I didn't want to go too overboard! I also made some cake pops to look like Sully and Mike Wazowsky from "Monsters, Inc.," but I want to make a few more so I can get some more good pictures to post up here! It's what I'm most excited to show you, so check back soon!

p.s. here's our costumes:

Mike as Charles F. Muntz (the villain from "Up")

Kim as Young Ellie from "Up" and Jeff as Linguini from "Ratatouille" (notice little Remy sitting on his shoulder that Kim bought for him, and Kim's soda bottle caps on her collar!)


  1. This is a great idea for a party theme I love it!

  2. thanks! themed parties are my favorite :)