Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the cupcakes at?

When you love cupcakes, you want to know where to find them. If you live in or are going on a trip to Seattle, WA, Cupcake Royale is the place to go. In fact, as I just found out while searching for what link to use, they have a blog! Now, you'd think they'd be in various guidebooks and just generally be known as a sort of mecca for cupcake monsters, but I only found the place because I wanted to go to Archie McPhee! It was a rainy day (oh, Seattle!) and my friend & I had taken a bus or 2 just to get there and I thought we might as well look for someplace else to make the most out of our trip. And lo, there appeared a banner in the sky...

Cupcakes?! I'm so there! So we walked in, and there was a LINE all the way to the DOOR and I thought, howcome no one TOLD me about this place? I felt awkward being the annoying tourist with the camera, so I didn't get a fantastic shot of the displays, but here's a pretty good shot of what I ate:
Yummmm!! And unlike some other boutiqueish cupcake shops, these cupcakes taste as good as they look! I also bought a very cute pink sticker you can see in the picture as well as my fancy schmancy hot chocolate. On the way out (I was very reluctant to leave), there was another cute surprise:

GIANT CUPCAKE! So, if you find yourself in Seattle, head on over to Ballard (or their new store on Capitol Hill) for Cupcake Royale, home of Seattle's Best Cupcakes.

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