Sunday, November 29, 2009


The night before Thanksgiving, my mom & I went to see the Macy's parade balloons being inflated:
Here's one us bakers can really appreciate, and he was new to the parade this year!

I had to make it look like I was poking him (hmm-hmm!):

Spiderman makes his return:
and I had to include Buzz because of my earlier Pixar posts:

Some guy working there was wearing his jumpsuit so I took a picture of this:Afterwards, we stopped at this adorable little bakery, Alice's Tea Cup:
where they had this great chocolate buttercream cake which was as delicious as it was cute:

Mmmmmm... The next morning we woke up and watched all the balloons take flight in the parade. I got some chocolate turkeys:

The large one does not seem amused...

We had a great big dinner and five different desserts:

...but I only made one: pecan pie.

Ok it looks burnt, but it wasn't. I used the recipe on the back of the Karo corn syrup bottle (a family tradition). It was a hit. :)

That night, I made bakerella's pumpkin pie bites for the potluck at work the next day. The recipe calls for a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter for the rolled-out pie crust, but I used a round glass instead:
I arranged them into the small-muffin tin and they look just like tiny pies! How adorable:

I mixed together the ingredients (including pumpkin, pumpkin spice, cream cheese, vanilla & eggs) and filled them into the tiny crusts. The recipe suggests the baking time as 12-15 minutes at 350, but these took half an hour for some reason. It was a late night, but they came out perfectly!!

I wish you could taste them. Or at least smell them! They were delicious. I had NONE left after work. They were a hit. Now I know what tobring to future get-togethers!!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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