Thursday, January 14, 2010

david & hiro's wedding

My brother, David, got married to his boyfriend, Hiroyuki, on December 28 in Lenox, Massachusetts!! They asked me to be their justice of the peace, so I officiated their wedding! I was flattered and the wedding was amazing and perfect and so beautiful! I did a bunch of crafty stuff for it, too, so I have an excuse to blog about it ;) For instance, I made their cake topper (above) out of two wooden "boys" (the package said "boys" but they were really just wooden pegs), tiny plastic hats (that I just so happened to have laying around the house from, I guess, some other project I had meant to do), and the top of a cardboard heart-shaped box that I painted white. I painted the suits 2 days before the wedding when they were out of the house, by which time I knew what color their tuxes would be.

The bow wasn't actually attached to the topper, I just put it there for effect. I did attach it to each wedding favor, though (above)! I got them from this wonderful etsy site, Little Spark Creations. It was a small wedding (22 people in all) and I couldn't find a site that would custom-print ribbons without buying 50 or more! Little Spark Creations offered custom ribbons at a 25 count for only $10! What a deal! Not only that--they came out exactly how I wanted, and I was able to tie them into the most perfect little bows for the wedding favors!

Here is where the edible stuff comes in...

A tiny chocolate cake!!! Made from melting chocolate wafers :) Does it get any cuter than this? Everything I needed came in this kit at AC Moore. This big box included 25 fold-up boxes and lids, 3 or 4 bags of chocolate wafers, 25 blank tags (which I ended up not using), and a mold for the tiny cakes :)

My 11-year-old cousin Jack thought it was delicious :)

Here is the cake!!

The happy family:
A candid moment:Bro and sis:

Yay! A perfect day for love.

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