Saturday, January 9, 2010

christmas cookies and cupcakes!

I have an extensive, if not quaint, collection of cookie cutters, and last year I made octopi, lobsters, princes and princesses and the usual Christmas shapes. I got the beach, fantasy and Christmas cutters at Williams-Sonoma. My brother got the fantasy ones for me last Christmas! They came in a box shaped like a big storybook with a locket--sooo cute!

This year I left out the beach theme and decorated with red, green, white and yellow sprinkles, which were the only colors I had anyway, which was perfect! Check out disco-Santa!

I liked the horse :)
Then, I guess my cupcake reputation is spreading, because I got a bunch of cupcake-themed gifts for Christmas!!

I got the adorable, elegant cupcake stand AND sprinkles and icing! My parents got me the cupcake paper punches (how CUTE!), the Sprinkles cupcake mixes (as opposed to cake mix!), the clasped cupcake ornament and the vinyl blueberry cupcake figure. Adorable!!

Wow. Just so cute. You can get to designer olive47's page here! Tons of other cute things are on her page, including the panda project, where you can e-mail her for panda stickers to make people more aware of the dwindling panda population... If you love pandas, I suggest you also check out my September post of panda cupcakes from the book Hello, Cupcake!

One last thing, we had a cookie cake after Christmas dinner:
which had a very cute Santa decoration:
Ho Ho Ho! I hope you all had happy holidays! :)

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