Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Cupcake

I know I just made cupcakes 2 days ago. They were from scratch. I knew I wanted to make Fantastic Mr. Fox cupcakes as soon as I saw the movie directed by Wes Anderson (and I loved reading Roald Dahl's book when I was in 4th grade), but I wasn't sure when I'd have the time! So since it was a snowy day and nothing was going on, I decided to make them today.

These were not from scratch. These were made from a mix. As usual, I got the candy decorations from Fuzziwigs:
I also had 2 bags of marshmallows--one large, one small. I cut a large marshmallow in half, then again to make a flat semi-circle for the snout (inspired by Hello, Cupcake's wolf cupcake):
and some heart-shaped peach gummies cut in half for the ears:
Then I used a zip-lock bag (also a Hello, Cupcake staple) as an icing bag and put white and orange squiggles on it:
Then I added a Jelly Belly jellybean for the nose and 2 green M&M's for the eyes with white icing under them (for the white eye area):
Then I put some chocolate icing for the pupils, mouth and ears:

Then I made Ash, the son who wears a towel or blanket as a cape, so I used a small marshmallow cut in half and dipped in frosting to be the knot around the neck:
Then Possum, who had target-looking eyes when he zoned out and a big pink nose (a cut-up Starburst):
Kind of just looks like a mouse, but.. whatever. I like his eyes :)

Then I made Mrs. Fox, who has purple eyes and eyeliner:

I just had to make the wolf... Throughout the movie, Mr. Fox and Possum talk about wolves and how they're afraid of them (well, Mr. Fox just has a phobia, he's "not afraid") and there's this scene where they see one at the end... and it's one of my favorite scenes:
Then I thought I'd do the writing thing like I did for the Wild Things cupcakes, and wrote on them:

Yay! That was fun! The movie was so great, mostly because of the detailed stop-animation, so go see it! Hope you enjoyed!

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