Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Cake!

It was my 26th birthday this past Friday! Which means I have pictures of CAKE!

Here is the official birthday cake made by my mom:
The heart-shaped double chocolate chip cake :) yum yum! We ended up putting the candles on the next day. See the poster on the left? My dad put a big picture of a cupcake on it and wrote, "Easy there cupcake, it's Elyse's Birthday!" (the posters are a big family birthday tradition :))
27 candles (the 27th for good luck)!

That night at the bar, my co-worker Mariann brought in this heart-shaped cookie cake she made for me:
Cuuute! And delicious!! Mariann is our resident baker at the store (she makes everything!--I mainly do cupcakes). I love the bow in its hair :)

And the last one is this adorable ice cream cloud cake from Ben & Jerry's that I ordered for having my friends over yesterday:

It was made of cake batter ice cream (which I didn't even know B&J made!) and had chocolate crunchies in the middle and the bottom:
My friends and family also got me a bunch of baking and cupcaking presents!!
On the left there's a set of farm animal pancake molds and a cupcake candle from Kim :) The white cupcake in the front is a paint-your-own cupcake by Olive 47 (like the blueberry one I got for Christmas, only I can design it myself!)

Jeena got me a cupcake wine glass (ooh 2 things I love in one):
Antoinette and her family gave me this fuzzy cupcake card with my presents and Jeff got me square silicone cupcake molds and this wobbly cow timer!
Jeff also got me this giant cupcake mold!!Wow! Some of these things are going to get their own posts pretty soon! Of course my friends got me a lot of other things I just LOVE but this is a cupcake blog! So I'm just showing you the baking stuff :) Thank you, my good friends, for thinking of me and supporting my cupcake habit!!!

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