Friday, February 26, 2010

easy there miss cupcake

If you read my holiday post, you saw a bunch of cupcake-themed gifts I received :) One of them was a vinyl "miss cupcake" named "kabluey." I think it's really cute.

Well, my friend Jenny got me a DIY miss cupcake for my birthday! It's in one of the pictures from my last post. All white, begging to be painted. I was snowed in today, so I decided to paint! I wasn't sure what colors to use, and then when I decided that (pink and yellow) I wasn't sure which one to use as frosting and which to use as the wrapper! Fortunately, one of my Christmas gifts was this cute cupcake punch:

This was perfect for little cupcake templates! I punched out two of these little sets and colored them in (lightly because the colored pencils I used came from some kid book and weren't very... effective). This way I could see what placement I preferred as well as how to draw the little face!

Here (above) are all the little pieces. The packaging also suggested using the icing piece as a cloud! Here they are assembled:
The candle kind of looks like an afro pick :) I chose the one on the right to paint! But before I show you how that turned out, I just want to show you this other, smaller cupcake punch:

So cute!! I really should have put my hand in this picture to show you the actual size... I'd say the tiny one is about the size of my thumb.

I thought this looked nice :) the paper I punched from.

Well, here it is!
I just love it. I used acrylic paint and then a felt-tip pen for the face. Here he is with kabluey:
Hello, friend!
I highly encourage getting a DIY miss cupcake--it's so fun and the result is unavoidably cute.

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