Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cupcakes go to washington

I recently took a trip to Washington, DC and made a point to go to Love Cafe on Valentine's Day!! I'd seen Warren Brown's show Cake Love on Food Network a few years back--apparently he used to be a lawyer but left the practice to open up his own bake shop! Way to go, Warren! Anyway, the bake shop is also called Cake Love and is located in DC. The baked goods are made there and sent across the street on a wheeled cart to Love Cafe (we witnessed this)!

It's not the best picture of the sign, but I took it from across the street, and I didn't really want to call attention to my being a tourist. It almost looks like a teacup!

Here's a picture of the Cake Love storefront:

Once inside, I didn't mind being touristy. I took a ton of pictures so I could share them with you!
There were many cupcakes, especially for Valentine's Day!
I got one of these:
It was hard to choose...
Not only cupcakes, but chocolate-covered (or, as they say in DC, "depped" ;)) strawberries!
I really liked this sign:
They explained underneath that fat is essential to cupcakes (oh well...) and substitutions would only add more chemicals, or something like that... Anyway, we all know that fat in moderation is NOT bad for you, in fact, we need fat! (If you couldn't tell, I'm currently taking an online course in nutrition! I have to fulfill a science undergrad credit for grad school, and it's really interesting, actually!)
This sign didn't come out as well because of the sun shining through the window, but it's still cute. Now we know what temperature to serve cake at!

Above is a picture of the counter--it has silverware embedded in it!
I love stickers... I only wish these were for sale instead of being put on the container already! (I also scrapbook so I pick up whatever scraps I can from places I like)

I buy based on cuteness! It was also tasty. I think it was strawberry-flavored icing!! And a sugar heart!

I also got a hot chocolate because it was SO COLD outside and we had a lot of walking to do!

Also, Warren Brown happens to have a new book out! It's called United Cakes of America! There's a recipe for each state--how cute! He also has a book before this appropriately titled Cake Love. Check them out!

P.S. have you checked out bakerella's site lately?? As usual it's full of adorable edible delights... this time she's been sponsored by Hyundai to make movie-award-season themed goodies!! I definitely suggest taking a looksie. I especially want to try my hand at those Mastering the Art of French Cooking cupcakes with the little lobsters on top! I love Julia Child!

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  1. Ya Know, ? I thinx therz a place called cako in San Francisco, it's likes prinkles but better, you should go there