Monday, March 8, 2010

easy there, pancake

Kim got me these adorable pancake molds for my birthday from Williams Sonoma Kids.

I felt like making something for breakfast instead of eating my usual chocolate chip muffin from Shop Rite (but mmmmm!). Fortunately I've kept these in the kitchen (I know, where else should they go? but my stuff usually ends up in my room under a pile of clothing) and we also had a full box of Aunt Jemima's pancake mix, so I didn't even have to work hard for the prep!

Ohhhh they're so cute!! It helps that I went through a farm animal phase in middle school :) I cleaned the molds and oiled them up. I did the pig first:

This is the closest I'll get to real bacon... (I stopped eating pork a long time ago, but I still eat poultry, so I usually make turkey bacon when the craving hits!)

Almost burned it! I was pretty pleased as this was my first ever molded pancake :) Then I made the cow:

I had enough batter to make one of each (and then one more cow)!

I put blueberries in the cow I made for my mom. Blueberries also make great eyes:

Mmmmm I put bananas and maple syrup on mine! These were pretty filling, considering Aunt Jemima was supposed to make 10-12 pancakes and I could only get 4 out of it! Filling the molds required a lot of batter (I guess rougly 1/4 of it each).

I felt like Chef Mickey! (I love this magnet from Disney World's Character Breakfasts!!) I thought he deserved a little spotlight here. :)

You can have cupcakes for breakfast--they're just flat and without icing!!

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