Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Gonna Wreck It!!

I loved Wreck It Ralph!  It made me want to spend some time in the lovely land of Sugar Rush.  It also inspired me to make some candy-concocted cupcakes!   

First I mixed 2 cans of frosting into pastel colors!  I made mint green from fluffy white, and pink from cream cheese.  Yum!



I'd gone to Fuzziwigs and picked out some candy that reminded me of Ralph.  I got some bricks (!! What! candy bricks exist? Could anything be more perfect for Wreck it Ralph?), gummy cherries (for the Pacman cherries), chocolate nonpareils, sugar-coated gummy fruit slices, tangy bananas, and some gummy circles (not quite Dots, but smaller, gummier versions).  I just wanted them to look very colorful, bright and fun!

This one has a heart, inspired by the medal Vanellope gives Ralph, with his bricks around it:

This one just makes me smile because it's so sugary and swirly:

This one has cherries like the ones Ralph takes from PacMan:

It goes on and on like this... Here I am with a very colorful one covered in "tangy bananas." 

Hopefully I've inspired you to make some of your own (or at least to eat some candy ;))!  If you love Disney, please stop by my Disney blog, Oh Boy, Mickey!  Go and see Wreck-it-Ralph, you're gonna love it!

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