Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween (and Disney) Cupcakes!!

I'm never sure what kind of cupcakes to make for Halloween, but this year I ended up with spoooky red velvet :)  I was about to buy some red velvet cake mix (because when I decorate, I usually don't do the cake from scratch) but my dad pointed out this red velvet cupcake mix!  It also came with cream cheese frosting mix AND a pastry bag.  Fortunately, I'd just bought a coupler for my #6 star tip.  I'd used the tip for my rainbow cupcakes without the coupler, and this time it was much easier!

Well, I made the cupcakes with no problem:

Then I made the frosting.  It was enough for about 8 cupcakes of the 12, and that's without filling the center like the directions say.  I had to make my own and I couldn't find my Martha Stewart cupcake book!  I used some powdered sugar, butter and vanilla.  I dyed it the same orange shade as I'd dyed the first batch of frosting.  I was pretty pleased with myself! 

I had these adorable sugar ghosts holding candy corn from Party City:

 Here they are sitting pretty:

Here they are on the haunted house cupcake tower I bought last year, with some witch-finger pretzels:

Here's some favors I made after seeing them in last year's Taste of Home Halloween special:

Little cauldrons with bows and candy :)  I picked out the candy from Fuzziwigs at the mall.  Candy corn, pumpkins, and bones!  WoooOoOo!  Oh, and orange Kit Kats!

I also had these individually wrapped eyeball candy stirrers, and I bought some orange sanding sugar at AC Moore to rim the cups (just put some lime or lemon juice around the edge of the cup and dip it in a bowl of the sugar).  This drink is a Pumpkin Cream (2 parts cream, 1 part pumpkin spice liqueur), yum!

This was my costume, the Little Mermaid :) I made the costume, and I will have a separate post in my Disney blog all about it!!  I had a lot of help on the skirt from my brother-in-law, Hiro :)

And speaking of Disney, I took some pics of great Disney Halloween cupcakes when I was there last week!  I only bought one:

Mmm a chocolate and buttercream cupcake with a mouse-ears chocolate pumpkin on top!  They also had ghosts with chocolate mouse ears:

I found a video on how the pastry chef at the Contemporary (Disney hotel) makes cupcakes with a cone tip like that, which I'm excited to try.  

There were Minnie cupcakes at most fast-food stops:

Looks delicious!  And the first open spot of New Fantasyland, Storybook Circus, has some circus-themed cupcakes:

And as one would expect at Disney World, everything is...

...made fresh with magic!!  Hope you have a magical Halloween!!

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